Friday, April 29, 2005

Can you find the crib?

Well, 3 days to go and we've finally (almost) finished her room. No crib in here though- it's in our bedroom as we think it will be much more cozy for all of us to have her close by at least for a few months. We'll try to spend lots of time in her room so when it comes time to move the crib it won't be too traumatic (cross your fingers for us).
The only other things we need here are a rug and my old rocking chair.

So- as for the trip. We leave Monday for Hong Kong where we will stay until Saturday. Let's hope that without a laptop we'll be able to post using the hotel computers without too much trouble. If you don't see any postings the first few days, don't give up on us!....keep trying. In mainland China (don't know about Hong Kong) blogs are blocked so we won't be able to see our website but we can still post. So- if you see upside down images or backwards sentences- please forgive us. And remember- Monday the 9th is the BIG DAY- so if you don't tune in for anything else, be sure to stop by for this moment.

For all of you who are doing your own waiting in this amazing experience of adopting from China, we will try to take the time to post whatever helpful hints we can think of- I know reading other people's blogs was incredibly helpful to us.

O.K. then- see you on (from) the other side in a few days!


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