Saturday, April 02, 2005

Jinx's Name

Jinx Mindia Allison is the name we have chosen for our lovely daughter.

Jinx is from the latin word for 'charm'.
Mindia is Her given name in China meaning 'butterfly'.
Allison is Ric's family given name meaning "of noble origin".

A little background about our decisions:

We are very happy with Jinx's name, we feel that the person we know by the name of Jinx has in her own life been charmed by the name and having known her for a short time have fallen in love with her as a person and as a good friend.
She assures us this name has opened many a door for her in her life and she has always been remembered and respected for who she is lovingly, without apprehension.
Mindia is Jinx's given Chinese name and we felt it should carry with her through her life to connect her to her first foster parents, her history and her heritage.
While we did not include Tong (her surname in Tonggu China) given at the orphanage as a representation of her province of origin, we will keep it with her in her history, reminding her of the place from whence she came.
Allison is Ric's father's name and the name he proudly owns. While his connection to his father has not been represented in years, it is a reminder of how knowing one's history and genes can affect one's life in greater ways than one might know.

We intend to keep Jinx's history alive and well and will continue to keep her life as open and full as she grows and matures into a fine young girl, woman and one day perhaps, a mother herself.

Our pleasure and delight is in her happiness!!!

Ric & Carla

Jinx dreams of bagels...


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