Friday, May 06, 2005

And everything is going "well" at home...

Hey Ric (& Carla!)

Everything is going pretty well here and the dogs and
I seem to be adjusting to each other just fine.
Suprisingly, Rebarr and I had a couple clashes of
wills the first night and succeeding morning, but
we've established that I'm alpha dog, since I feed and
walk him. :)
He showed some teeth when I tried to get in bed, but I
just stood up tall, stared him down and talked to him
firmly until he got down...since then he's been OK
(although reluctant) to surrender the bed. Maybe you
let him sleep with you, but I'm not a big fan of
that... anyway, he's here at my feet and says hi!
Thanks for the running tip--I found the baseball
field, and I take him down there in the evenings with
the ball for a good 15-20 mins, but maybe I need to
stay out there a while longer!

The little ones are always a circus act! I figured
out I have to keep the chairs at the kitchen table
pushed in, or they'll jump on the table and root
through whatever I've set up there. Pokey eats
Piglet's poops if I don't get them inside fast enough
to eat in the morning, but Rebarr won't eat until he's
been walked--they're letting me know the routine, but
it's taken me the better part of a week to catch on to
the nuances. Liz can learn new tricks, too... :)

Sorry Liz- I couldn't resist- Ric


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