Wednesday, May 18, 2005

just words

Well, our time here is drawing to a close- a bittersweet time.
We have loved every minute of our time here in China; the chinese people, our fellow travellers and USAA team, and it goes without saying that we've loved every minute so far with Jinx.

Today we go to the US consulate for a swearing in and Jinx will receive her US visa. She will become an American citizen when we hit soil in Minneapolis (a heretofore insignificant city in our lives) and her Chinese passport will be only a souvenir.

We are only sorry that we were not able to post every day as we had hoped. A lesson for future adoption in China bloggers- BRING A LAPTOP!!! (Also, if you are using a digital camera bring at least 3g's of memory as a number of us had our cards go bad part way through, and don't use sandisk as 1g cards. Use the extreme III.)

Every day when we wake up (or rather, when Jinx wakes us up) we gaze upon her with wonder- amazed that we are so fortunate. We can't wait to bring her home!

Carla & Ric


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