Friday, May 06, 2005

Lovely people!!!

Well, I admit my computer frenzied attempt at downloading photos has become humorous with all of my cords, peripherals and bargaining with the local store owners for card readers that are USB (not firewire)friendly. (My camera apparently is obsolete to most computer drivers to read (two years old), harumph!!! Well, to no avail, I have lovely pictures(I'm not sharing!) You can get them later when I get the lastest greatest technological innovation(someone else's laptop to download!).

The computer centers at the hotels have gotten to know me well, continue to offer free service on the computers("no charge, many mistakes, you no use computer successfully"). Delightful!!!(or was that an embarrassing acknowlegemant of my inept attempts?) The taxi drivers are the same, I always offer too much money(the charge) they refuse and say it didn't cost that much. I love these people!!! So civilized. When the bus says it will leave at nine, 9:00 it is (don't be late). The kids are adorable in their uniforms, polite and line up promptly marching at roll call and even the people who work on the river net the trash as they are passing by. It is amazingly comforting to have so much promtness and structure. People offer you help if you look lost, all of the things you think would not happen in a busy bustling city. Though I note, NYC has found the same courtesy for me.

Chung King Mansion was fantastic(don't stay there, or if you do do not open your door at night!), with little space in China, the air conditioners and hoses, pipes and wires seem like an archaolgical ruin with overgrowth of vines and barnacles. The food at the local Indian restaurant was great and the service(three people standing around our table) was terribly nice, though a bit unsettling. Perhaps they were security,the maitre D and the owner, or just the Uncle, the brother and the son...

I'm so glad so far we have had mostly an authentic experience of Hong Kong.

Off the beaten path is the beaten path and I don't think I've had a better bowl of noodles in my life than in Hong Kong Central.

More later


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