Friday, May 06, 2005

O.K. We're ready to move on.Whilst during the day this hotel is far more glamorous and cool than all of the cheapo budget hotels we would usually stay at, at night it becomes a towering inferno.
Due to energy conservation policies established by the HK authorities and enforced by the HK Electricity Board inspections, air conditioning gets drastically reduced at night, even in the nicest hotels. This info courtesy of the front desk clerk who I called at 3:30 in the morning, dripping in sweat and at wits end.
Although I'd prepared for the freezing rooms everyone else warned about with long silk underwear, we were completely helpless in the face of this much heat! How do you deal with that? windows in HK hotel high rises to open. Other than have your husband soak a towel in cold water, stand beside the bed and wave it at you for 7 hours- there isn't a whole hell of a lot you can do. (All that that because if you are like me you make no bones about thrashing around and whining as loudly as you can because, god forbid, I should be alone in my misery).
Oh yeah- well, I guess you could plan ahead and start the whole process of geting your paperwork together in mid-winter so that once a year has passed and your number comes up it's cold again. But I couldn't even imagine what other problems you'd encounter coming here in mid-winter.

Postscript. I have to report with mixed emotions that further events have rendered the above entry partially untrue. I posted it because, I admit, I did find it kind of humerous, but in the interests of fairness to the hotel and honesty in reportage, we discovered, that our thermostat was not properly adjusted and that even though they do in fact turn down the air, it is still perfectly comfortable with a correctly functioning thermostat.

O.K. so all in all, I'd say that HK is a great choice for "pre-trippers" who want a few relaxing, easy days before all the craziness starts. It's probably the easiest city I've ever visited...getting around is incredibly easy, it's very, very clean, people are warm and friendly,if you need anything and they make it on this planet you can get it here, and the food is great! If you want interesting sites and cultural activities, however, I'd go elsewhere. That's my 2 cents- Take it for what it's worth.

Today we leave for Guangzhou, mainland China, by train. We'll catch up with you from there!


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