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No, you're not blind or having computer problems - still no pictures posted here. Without our own laptop and relying on hotel or internet cafe computers, despite the pile of cords and equipment Ric brought- we can't seem to get pictures downloaded. For those of you who are planning on hanging in there -don't worry- we'll have it worked out by the time we get Jinx. Once we meet up with the group I hope some kind soul will give us some time on their laptop

So-Hong Kong

We are eating our way through Hong Kong. Good food is easy to find anywhere thank god. Hong Kong is also an amazingly civilized place. This is due, I suppose, to the signs posted just about everywhere requesting (ordering) people to be polite. The thing is it doesn't seem to be the hardship it is in a place like, well for example, the states,to keep the noise down or god forbid, be nice and helpful. God knows I may be kidding myself but there does appear to be a level of calm here that one doesn't often find in such a big bustling city. We have also found it to be remarkably clean, unlike other Asian cities I've visited. Yesterday we went to the flower and bird markets and then walked our way south back towards the hotel on foot-strolling through many different markets and parks along the way. It seems like the only thing Hong Kong (ers,ians, ettes?) do is SHOP. I don't know how they find time to do anything else like, for instance, work. Even the hotel desk clerk, when referring to some event later in the day said,"when you return from shopping"...As if that's the only activity one could possibly engage in when stepping out the door. We, of course, obliged, and bought plenty of little knick-knacky gifts for people back home although there probably isn't anything you couldn't get in any Chinatown in the U.S.

I did have one disturbing thought I'm going to share- only because I know it will happen (and has happened a million times I hope) to someone else who does this, but after we ran into our fellow adopters from our agency who already have a (and I note)
an adorable Chinese daughter traveling with them, the thought passed through my mind- "thank god we don't have a kid with us to deal with today- What a pain!" Ha!
O.K. I said it. Now that's all on that topic.
Meanwhile, all day we ogled over every Chinese baby girl we saw and wondered what Jinx will look like, BE like... Only a few days left before we find out. I can't wait.


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